Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is performed to prevent sagging and fat loss in the abdomen. In addition, tummy tuck surgery is much preferred by those who want to have a flatter abdomen. This practice, which is more heavily applied to women, is now preferred by men as well. Women often complain of abdominal fat. Men who have weight problems have started to have tummy tuck surgery because they face sagging.

Tummy tuck surgery, known as Abdominoplasty in medicine, is also important in terms of belly aesthetics. Women may experience aesthetic problems due to deformity during pregnancy. In addition, during pregnancy, excess weight will be taken to the abdominal skin and then cracking occurs. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat from the abdominal wall.



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What Is Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, which is a sort of plastic surgery, is a very effective method. In this context, Tummy Tuck is one of the most preferred practices of women. Because during pregnancy, the skin and muscles in the abdominal region, after pregnancy can not return to its former state. The experience of deformations also causes images that are not aesthetically beautiful as it will cause sagging. As weight gain also accompanies this process, the cracks become noticeable. In order to eliminate this bad image, tummy tuck surgery is now performed. In this procedure, which can be performed by plastic surgeons, the sagging and loosened abdominal skin is recovered. In addition, the abdominal fat is removed and a flatter appearance is created. Of course, the process before and after surgery is very important.

Causes Of Abdominal Sagging?

The first cause of abdominal sagging is excessive weight. Of course, in case of weight gain, the same amount of fat does not occur in every part of the body. However, the abdominal region is known as the most lubricated region in the event of weight gain. Muscles that make the area appear flat, causing tissue tearing following excessive lubrication. Due to the thrust of the internal organs, an outward movement begins in the navel region.

The same condition occurs in extreme weight loss. However, this condition usually causes sagging in the abdominal region. In both cases, the abdominal region is sagging and tummy tuck is applied. These sags are experienced in women after pregnancy.

Who Can Have Tummy Tuck Surgery Done?

In addition to individuals who are constantly losing weight, all patients with abdominal sagging may benefit from this operation. In addition, individuals with abdominal skin relaxation, abdominal muscle opening or abdominal skin cracks may also have tummy tuck surgery. Finally, individuals who accumulate excess fat in the abdominal region and skin should have this operation. Of course, it is important that the patient is older than 18 years of age for aesthetic operations. Because after puberty, the development of the body is completed and this condition allows aesthetic operations to take place without any problems.

This operation is applied for adults, weight problems from an early age can also be applied for those. But surgeons say this procedure should not take place for those under 18 years of age. It is also a suitable method for those who want to reduce abdominal stretching.


Types Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Today, tummy tuck surgery is performed in two different ways. Depending on the size and the region where the surgery will be performed, this procedure is performed as a full stretching and mini-stretching. Mini tummy tuck surgery is preferred for those who do not have much weight in the abdomen. It is also suitable for patients with loose skin. It is usually applied to people who have given birth and have excess fat in the subcutaneous tissue.

Full tummy tuck surgery is performed between the belly button and the abdomen. Sagging and cracks along with excess fat tissue are eliminated by this process.

Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

Before plastic surgery, care should be given to the drugs used in general. The surgeon will make all the reminders about this. It is also called into question by the surgeon whether the patient has a genetic problem. The most important condition to be considered before a non-risky operation is the termination of the patient’s smoking consumption. Smoking should not be consumed for at least 2 weeks before the procedure and for 1 month after the operation. In addition, it is essential that patients do not spend time in sunny environments before the operation.

Before every aesthetic procedure, blood thinners, herbal supplements, and aspirin should not be used before stretching the abdomen. Vitamin E should not be taken with these. The surgeons also advise that the dietary practices performed before the operation should be terminated. The absence of any ailments, such as the flu and the common cold, and the presence of infection passed before the procedure are also important. Infections can cause the surgery to be delayed.

It should be noted that the right time for surgery will again be shared by the surgeon. For mothers, surgery can usually be applied at the end of the first year. Because of this process, the mother coming out of the pregnancy period will have given excess weight. In addition, the degree of fracture and sagging left over from the pregnancy will occur.

How Long Does Tummy Tuck Last?

The duration of the surgery varies with each patient. If a full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is performed, this procedure can continue for up to 3.5 hours. Because this application is preferred in people with large abdominal area. In patients with sagging and similar problems, the duration of surgery can reach up to 4 hours.

In the case of mini tummy tuck surgery, this period continues for up to 1.5 hours. Abdominal fat removal, fat intake or excess skin, such as situations, directly affect the duration of the tummy tuck surgery. Of course, with the suture technique to be applied, the general condition of the abdominal muscles determines the duration of the procedure. It is very important to perform this operation under general anesthesia in clinics with adequate equipment and appropriate conditions.


How Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed?

In this surgery, which is started by giving general anesthesia to the patient, an incision of up to 10 cm is made to the area under the underwear. The second incision is made with this ‘V’ shaped incision. This incision is to ensure that the belly button is positioned correctly. After removing the skin and excess fat, the hidden suture is removed. Edema can be observed in the area after the operation is completed. The patient will be drenched immediately after the operation to remove the accumulated fluid. The use of 2 drains can also be performed by looking at the general condition of the patient.

After Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are many factors that patients should pay attention to after surgery. Patients may experience swelling for several days after surgery. This condition is completely normal and swelling may be accompanied by mild pain. Remember that the pain will be eliminated with the medication the surgeon will prescribe.

After the tummy tuck aesthetic, the patients are drenched and the edema in the body is removed. Drains should remain in the operating area for up to 5 days. The general condition of the patient will also be examined after the operation and rest will be given in the hospital between 1-3 days. It is important that patients perform very heavy walks in the first few days. However, it should be noted that there may be some difficulty in 1-2 days immediately after surgery.

The patient’s healing process begins after the sutures are removed. 2 weeks after the operation, the patients can return to their daily lives completely. However, the doctor will share the appropriate time to exercise. Exercises are very important in Tummy Tuck aesthetics. Because the abdominal muscles must be exercised for strengthening. Incision scars may also disturb the patients after the procedure, but it should be noted that there will be red-colored incisions for the first 4 months.

The time to take a bath is also asked by patients. On the 3rd day after the operation. you can take a bath. In parallel with this, you can start doing your daily work. However, for the first 7 days, the stitches do not heal, such as straining, sneezing and coughing may cause pains. Of course, this kind of movement should be avoided for a while.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Healing Process

In order to speed up the healing process after surgery, the patients are given the necessary reminders about the use of corsets. The corset, which must be worn for the first 1 month, helps the abdominal region reach the requested form. It will also affect the success of the surgery. You can walk slowly in the first 4 hours after the operation. This actually shows how successful the tummy tuck process will be. It should be noted that the pain that will be experienced due to the stitches in the abdominal area will be over in a few days.

Full recovery time after procedure is up to 10th week. Patients who feel well enough can see the doctor again and get detailed information. You should also talk to your doctor about the solution to severe problems.


Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Women who have a tummy tuck are most likely to wonder if there are any side effects of going into the pregnancy process. First of all, tummy tuck surgery is not an operation that causes problems during pregnancy or affects pregnancy. The most important condition in women who do abdominal stretching is the application of the appropriate time for pregnancy. In other words, this time frame includes the completion of the operation along with the healing process. How long after surgery can be conceived is already shared with patients by the doctor.

Another condition that is wondered about is when the tummy tuck aesthetic should be performed after pregnancy. The ideal time after this procedure was determined as 1 year. In other words, at least 1 year after birth, the abdominal stretching operation can be applied. During this time, mothers will lose weight with activities such as exercise, regular feeding, and breastfeeding. This will also allow the degree of drooping and cracks to be determined. It is known that mothers who want to do stretching in the abdominal region can easily apply the procedure 1 year after birth.

In summary, abdominal stretching is ideal for patients who are in good health in general, who are not planning a pregnancy in the future and who have not undergone serious surgery before. It is also suitable for those who reach 18 years of age, have severe abdominal fat and want to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. In general, those who experience problems such as abdominal looseness, sagging and cracking should be involved in the examination process. After the examination, if the surgeon approves the tummy tuck surgery can be done.


Complications of Tummy Tuck Surgery

All surgical procedures involve risk. The important thing is that patients accept these procedures and are able to compare both the risk and the benefits of the procedure. Rare complications in men or women include infection, bleeding, irregular body contours, changes in skin sensation, asymmetry, and delayed healing. In addition, seroma, pain, allergic conditions, and lung problems are among the complications of tummy tuck surgery.

Seroma: The name was given to the accumulation of fluid between the skin and abdominal wall. If this risk reaches serious levels, additional treatment methods may be used.

Lung Problems: May occur due to the extinction of the lungs after general anesthesia. However, it can also occur with blood clotting. In both cases, patients should be admitted to the hospital immediately and treatment should be started.

Allergic Conditions: Allergic conditions, which are rare complications, usually occur in patients with sensitivity to creams applied to the patient or sewing materials used after the procedure. You may also experience allergies to the tapes used after the operation.

Belly Button: Having a bad condition of the belly button after surgery can lead to loss of the belly button.

Delayed Healing: Late healing, which is one of the possible risks, can also bring about problems such as opening the wound. Certain areas in the abdomen can also take a long time to heal. This condition, which also causes cell loss in skin areas, allows a new surgical procedure to be performed. In addition, the risk of this complication is higher in patients who consume heavy cigarettes.

Anesthesia: There is always a risk of general and local anesthesia. Sedation and anesthesia can lead to death. However, it is very unlikely that such conditions will occur during the tummy tuck operation.

Asymmetry: The symmetrical appearance of the body may not be achieved after a tummy tuck. Accumulation of fat, skin tension and bulges in the body can bring about the problem of asymmetry.

Bleeding: Although not seen frequently, there is a risk of bleeding after each aesthetic operation. However, if the patient has to bleed, a blood supplement can be made. It is also essential that the accumulated blood be taken quickly. For these reasons, blood thinners such as aspirin should not be taken in any way prior to tummy tuck surgery.

Changes in Skin Senses: Loss of skin tissue in the lower abdomen is one of the complications that may occur after abdominal stretching.

Irregularities in the Body Shape: Skin folds may occur after the operation. However, it can also reach a visible level.

Long-term effects may also occur after abdominal stretching. Changes in body contour can be observed as a result of extreme weight loss, pregnancy, and aging.

Blood clots are usually present in older patients. In the event that this life-threatening condition develops, varicose veins or prescribed drugs may be required to be used. In fact, starting to walk after surgery will lower the risk of embolism.

Bad wounds that may occur after the operation are more common in people who consume cigarettes. In this case, the same area may need to be intervened again.


What are the Advantages of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery performed in private clinics brings some advantages. First, it should be noted that each surgery is personalized according to individuals. However, abdominal fat, which cannot be melted by diet and sport, is eliminated thanks to this operation. In addition, cracked and damaged skin, abdominal stretching after reaching a new skin shape.

Another advantage of surgery is that the seam mark can be camouflaged in underwear. Because many patients experience anxiety about suture marks. However, after this operation, it should be known that suture marks will not cause any problems. Since the internal abdomen will be strengthened with surgery, the appearance of the bombe is destroyed. Although a more fit and stretched abdominal shape is formed, the belly button is also positioned correctly. Finally, a tummy tuck that allows you to reach a more aesthetic body also brings with it a lumbar region that is properly proportioned with the new abdominal region.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery a Necessary Operation?

The skin in the abdomen loses elasticity over time. As a result of this situation, sags are experienced. In addition, fat in the lumbar region also causes increased sagging. Of course, diet or exercise can not prevent such problems. In women, the weight gained during pregnancy and the resulting cracks cause the aesthetic appearance to disappear. In addition, the appearance of a burn and a red abdomen is also revealed. For all these reasons, a tummy tuck is known as a necessary operation for a cracked and lubricated abdomen.

The only purpose of the tummy tuck is not to treat the sagging abdomen. At the same time, liposuction can be performed in conjunction with this operation, which provides rejuvenation in the groin and waist area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck Surgery

– Can I do a tummy tuck again?
– This surgery is a repeatable operation. It can be decided according to the surgeon’s general control.

– After a tummy tuck, do the cracks disappear completely?
– The surgery will remove excess skin. So a large part of the cracks will also be destroyed. However, abdominal stretching is not performed to eliminate the cracks in the skin.

– Is it okay if I lose weight after the tummy tuck?
– Weakening after the procedure does not cause a different appearance in the abdominal area.

– When do I start sports after a tummy tuck?
– By paying attention to the doctor’s advice, you can start sports 2 months after the procedure.

– Is this surgery done on an empty stomach?
– No drink or food should be consumed 10 hours before the operation.

– When will the swelling go away after surgery?
– At the first 1-week swelling and pain will be experienced. But this swelling disappears after the 10th day.

– Are the results of tummy tuck permanent?
– The result of the procedure is permanent. However, sags may occur if patients start to lose weight continuously.

– Any antibiotics consumed after surgery?
– Antibiotic drug use will be done against the risk of infection in patients. However, these drugs are prescribed by the doctor.

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