Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Women who want to have more aesthetic and beautiful breasts now achieve beautiful results with breast reduction surgery. Breast enlargement is a very common problem. This is why breast size brings about different problems. Breast reduction surgery for large breasts, which invites back pain, dress problems, and spinal discomfort, brings about successful and lasting results. In addition, all the problems that women who have given birth will experience during breastfeeding cause the breasts to be large.



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Who Can Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with large breasts, especially those who are physically healthy, can easily have breast reduction surgery. Nevertheless, women who want to lose weight and get rid of the fat around the chest area can easily resort to this operation. However, there will be some examination of the surgeon during this process. First of all, for women with diabetes, the decision to have a breast reduction operation can only be decided by the surgeon.

It is essential that the women who will prefer the surgery are not at the time of breastfeeding. However, women who care about their aesthetic appearance and want their breasts to look smaller, which is now considered a beauty measure, may be involved in this practice. Finally, women who do not have a serious health problem and who have the following problems will be eligible to apply for breast reduction surgery;

  • Persistent neck pain
  • Those who have a rash under the chest
  • Those with wounds under the chest
  • Those with slumping shoulders
  • Those who want to lose weight
  • Those with back pain

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

It is essential that the patients who need to decide for the operation before the surgery should meet with the surgeon. In this meeting, many examinations are performed to determine whether the patient is suitable for the breast reduction procedure. However, the surgeon also shares the incision methods while providing the necessary information. The surgeon also tells the patient that a scar will remain after the surgery and what needs to be done.

There are also some situations that patients should pay attention to before breast reduction surgery. First, the consumption of cigarettes should be stopped 15 days before the procedure. In addition, blood thinners and herbal supplements should not be consumed in any way. However, a few days before the operation, the patient’s blood type will be examined. Other tests include liver function tests such as PTT, INR, and aPTT applications are also among the other examinations referenced.

Before surgery, the breast head and breast circumference are also checked by the surgeon. Because of the size of the breasts that existed before breast reduction surgery and the size of the breasts that will occur after it is compared. If the patient does not have a different health problem in the chest area, an appointment is made for the surgery and the patient is requested to come to the clinic ready.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Before this procedure, which starts with the incision to be taken to the breast area, anesthesia is applied to the patient. In addition, since the size of the breast will be determined in advance, the surgery process will begin in a planned way. Breast reduction surgery with general anesthesia is performed under the skin after entering the excess breast skin is removed. In this process, the breasts are brought to the desired size because the fat tissue and glands will also be removed. After the removal of the tissues, the surgery is ended with stitches to be inserted into the incision area.

In breast reduction surgery, which lasts between 3 and 4 hours, the incision area is around the nipple. This region is also called areola. Surgical procedures begin with the incision to be rounded. Breast reduction surgery is also preferred for the solution of asymmetric problems. If there is a sagging condition in patients, the breasts are shaped after the incision. After the symmetry is achieved, the patient is drenched in the last stage and the procedure is completed.

After the breast is properly shaped and the excess tissue is removed, a drain will be inserted to prevent damage to the breast head. Since surgery is usually successful, patients do not experience any pain or ache during this process.


After Breast Reduction Surgery

There are some procedures that the patient should perform after the surgery. Of course, after breast reduction surgery is as important as before. At this stage, which directly affects the healing process, it should be noted that patients may begin to consume fluids within the first 4-5 hours after the procedure. Light foods may also be preferred. Painkillers prescribed by the surgeon are used because of the pain that may arise. However, it makes more sense to rest at least 1-2 days in the hospital. Patients who are discharged on the same day during breast augmentation are kept waiting at the clinic due to pain.

After surgery, patients have to wear sports bras for up to 20 days. Because bras that protect the breasts comprehensively are known to accelerate recovery. A shower should not be taken without removing the drains placed together with the surgery. The surgeon will also share with you the necessary reminders about this issue.

After the procedure, the return to daily life can usually be 10 days. Women who drive should not take any action in the first week. Ladies going to the sea or sauna should also wait 15 days. There is no need for any intervention as the sutures will disappear spontaneously during this process. Finally, the first 10 days after breast reduction surgery, blood diluent drugs and herbal supplements should not be consumed.

Will There Be Any Scars After Surgery?

In this procedure, an incision will be made from the nipple, leaving a scar. However, this line is not apparent on breasts that are not overly large and less dangling. It should be noted that these signs, which are not obvious when using a bra, will be noticed on bare breasts. These scars are known to be permanent, usually for 12 months. Scars that disappear after this procedure should not actually cause aesthetic concerns.


Are There Complications in Breast Reduction Surgery?

Some complications may occur after breast reduction surgery. However, the risk of these formations occurring is very low. Breast-feeding problems, especially bleeding, decay and allergic problems may occur at the beginning of the chest. There is also a risk of infection in women with diabetes.

Allergic conditions usually occur to those who are allergic to these materials when sewing. Bleeding is a rare complication. It is more common in areas of blood thinners and herbal supplements. Following breast reduction surgery then the likelihood of a serious condition is very low.


Concerns About Breast Reduction Surgery

– Are the operation results permanent?
– Yes, the results of this surgery are permanent. However, in case of constant weight loss, breasts may start to grow again.

– Can the surgery be repeated?
– Due to the growing breasts over time, the patient may request this operation again.

– Any pain during the procedure?
– Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. That’s why there’s no pain.

– Does breast reduction surgery bring about the risk of cancer?
– Many studies have shown that this practice does not cause cancer.

– When do the scars disappear after surgery?
– A 12-month period is required for the exact disappearance of the traces.

– What is the rate of breast reduction after surgery?
– This can be answered entirely at the request of the patients. However, it should be noted that ideal breast sizes are reached.

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