Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is the first choice for women who want to have more aesthetic and beautiful breasts. In this context, it is known that women who want to have breast lift surgery always face successful results. In medicine, there are some processes that should be considered before and after this process, called mastopexy. The surgeon then examines the shape and build of the breasts. After all asymmetric problems are examined, an appointment is made for the operation and it is successfully completed. It should also be noted that women with sagging breasts resort to this procedure more.


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Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery Done?

Any woman over the age of 18 who has excessive sagging in her breasts can benefit from this practice. Breast resurgence actually starts to be a problem from the age of 13. However, women who have extremely large breasts may also have face saggings. Causes of sagging breasts in general;

  • Frequent weight gain and loss
  • Aging
  • Gravity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetic conditions
  • Breastfeeding can be listed as.

Women can apply alternative practices before performing breast lift aesthetics. Those who want to do some exercises or breast lift with the choice of bras, of course, face non-permanent results. At this point, it is necessary to have breast lift surgery.

The main purpose of the application is to make the volume and appearance of the breasts normal. Breast lift surgery can only be performed by specialist plastic surgeons, and sagging breasts are replaced by more alive and aesthetic breasts.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Before the procedure, sagging breasts are detected. If the nipple remains below the bottom line of the breast, it means sagging. In addition, if the nipple is positioned on the bottom line of the breast, it is understood that sagging still exists. A plastic surgeon will examine the area of the areola while investigating whether there is a different disease that has been passed before. In this process, patients will be asked to have cancer in the family or to have a different problem.

The general examination process is very important before breast lift surgery. At this stage, a variety of tests and blood tests will be performed and the rate of sagging will be looked at. After mammography and ultrasound procedures are done, detailed information about the surgery will be shared with the patients.

A plastic surgeon can change the technique based on the size of the breasts. Incision scars will also be shared with patients before surgery.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

In this operation, which lasts between 2 and 4 hours, the silicone prosthesis technique is usually used under the breast. In addition to this application is preferred for breast sagging, the skin that causes sagging is removed by making an incision around the nipple. After these procedures, the nipple is positioned in the requested area and the surgery is completed. Today, breast lift surgery is the most successful result with incisions to be taken down from the breast tip.


After Breast Lift Surgery

There are some conditions that patients should pay attention to after surgery. Although the surgeon makes reminders about this issue, it is important to know the processes that you need to apply. First of all, after the breast lift procedure, bandages will be worn to protect the breasts from external factors. Mild pain that may be experienced will also be relieved with prescribed painkillers.

Some of the patient’s movements will be restricted as a result of the application of the breast lift surgery with the prosthesis. First of all, it is important to pay attention to arm movements, but also to use bras. For the first 2 months, sportswear is generally preferred. In addition, the period of return to everyday life can be 3 months. Heavy sports activities will be banned in this process and a comfortable recovery process will be made for the patient.

The breasts should be kept away from bumps for two months. Also until 6th week, all heavy activities should be stopped. It is important to avoid such situations as bending, lifting weights and stretching, as this will put pressure on the breasts.

Patients are also curious about the healing process after breast lift surgery. Swelling and disfigurements that may be seen in patients in the first days and it will be normal after a week. The asymmetry between the breasts can also be noticed immediately after surgery. It should not be forgotten that pain will disappear after the 7th day.

The healing process will begin after the 2nd month and the positive effects of surgery will be noticed after the 6th month. As a result, after breast lift surgery after the first year, the breasts will have a pretty and erect appearance.

Is There a Risk of Complications After Breast Lift Surgery?

There is a risk of complications in all aesthetic operations. But thanks to the development of technology, such aesthetic surgeries are successfully completed. Side effects are minimized thanks to surgeons informing patients before the breast lift surgery. After this operation, you will experience complications such as stiffness in the breasts, late healing of wounds, allergic conditions and difficulty in breastfeeding.

Wound Formation: Wounds on the nipple or chest skin after the procedure are always a risk. However, the ending of cigarette consumption will increase the speed of healing of such wounds.

Allergy: Allergy may occur to materials used in aesthetic surgery. However, this situation brings about a different process in each patient.

Stiffness in the Breasts: Due to the excessive layer of fat in the breasts, there may be stiffness.

Breast Problems: Many patients wonder whether breast lift surgery can cause cancer. However, the risk of breast cancer is very low due to the measures taken before and after the surgery.

Bleeding: There may be bleeding after each plastic surgery. Because aesthetic operations usually experience loss of skin. Infection can also be observed due to bleeding.


Traces That Occur as a Result of Breast Reduction

After breast lift surgery, scars up to 3.5 cm may occur. But it should be known by patients that these scars will not be permanent. After the 12th month it should be noticed that the scars will disappear. In addition, these marks will be ‘L’ or ‘T’ shaped.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

– Will Surgery eliminate the cracks in the breasts?
– The purpose of this surgery is just to lift the breasts. As a result, different applications can be used for cracks.

– Does sagging occur again after a breast lift?
– Pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss situations, will cause sags again.

– Are there non-surgical alternatives to breast lift?
– Today, natural methods of breast lift aesthetic are attempted to be done. But it should be known that these practices are not healthy. Although there are alternatives such as massage, medication, and cream, experts say these applications should not be resorted to.

– How many days of rest are given after surgery?
– In normal conditions, 1-2 days rest in the clinic is essential. The important thing is that this process can be continued after discharge.

– Is breast lift surgery painful?
– This application which is done under anesthesia is not painful. Mild pain and ache might occur only after the procedure.

– Only silicone prosthetics are used for a breast lift?
– If there is a serious sagging in the breasts, an incision is made and excess skin is removed. In the case of slight sagging, silicone prosthesis is used.

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