Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

Women with small breasts prefer breast augmentation surgery and nowadays it is successfully applied, ensures that an aesthetic appearance. In addition, breast enlargement surgery performed on behalf of the elimination of aesthetic concerns in women is performed in a way that meets all the expectations of the patients. First of all, it is important to know all the details about the application and what to pay attention to before and after surgery.


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Who Can Have Breast Augmentation?

The most important organs for women, the breasts are often known to cause aesthetic concerns. To eliminate these concerns, any woman who does not have a serious illness and is older than 18 years of age can apply for this operation. In addition, patients who think that their breasts are small can make a decision to operate by meeting with their plastic surgeons. Because some tests have to be done on the patients in order to perform this aesthetic operation.

Women can also be expected to have small breasts due to genetic problems. Women who have a different disease in the practice of conducting a detailed research about breast augmentation surgery then you may be included. Another reason for breast reduction is the emptying of the breast due to structural problems. It is important to have all the necessary surgical interventions in a short period of time as this condition will also cause psychological problems in every woman. Therefore, small-breasted women, factors such as the small breasts caused by genetic conditions, made it necessary to perform this operation.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are many processes to be considered before each aesthetic application. These processes ensure that the operation is successful. In addition, the surgeon’s recommendations should be considered before the procedure in order to face permanent results. In addition, all expectations by the patient should be shared with the specialist surgeon. In addition, the patient’s height and shoulder width before the application is measured and how much chest area should be reduced is learned and shared with patients.

Today, breast augmentation surgery can be completed quite successfully. First, it should be noted that quality breast prosthesis should be used with the application. It is known that these prostheses, which are used as semi-solid or solid, do not cause any problems in terms of health. It is therefore essential that the surgeon provides detailed information to the patient about all these processes.

The choice of prosthetics which is silicone is the most important process. The surface of the rough silicone is not very much preferred, but in general semi-drip or drip, silicones are easily used.

There are some conditions that patients should apply before the application is made. First, starting 1 week before the procedure, cigarette consumption should be terminated. Also, blood thinners should not be consumed. Solid or liquid consumption should not be done the night before the operation. The removal of bacteria in the chest area should also be ensured by taking a warm shower just before surgery.

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery begins with an incision to be made in the breast area. The incision will be made in the area determined by the surgeon prior to the procedure. This surgery, in which no pain or ache is experienced, ends with the insertion of implants to be inserted through the incision site.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under anesthesia to have fuller and more beautiful breasts. Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most successful and practically performed aesthetic applications of today.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

As important as the process before the procedure, you may experience pain for a few days after breast augmentation surgery. But with the painkillers that the surgeon will prescribe, these pains will be eliminated. The rest process is also very important after the procedure. Rest for at least 2 days and after the 4th day, you can return to everyday life by taking a shower.

Women who are interested in sports need to be more careful about this. For the first-week gaits can be done after the 30th day light sports applications can be switched. Activities such as solarium and sauna should not be applied during this 1 month period.

After breast augmentation surgery, special wraps will be attached to the patient. The bandages used to prevent water or other substances from entering into the incision areas are removed for up to 1 Week. Finally, attention should be paid to the clothes to be used after the process. Clothing that can tighten the chest area and cause pain should never be used. The use of bras is also important. In general, sports bras should be preferred for up to 6 weeks.


The Healing Process After Breast Augmentation

Patients are invited to the dressing after 1 week after the procedure. In this process, it is checked whether any pain or complications occur. The sutures in the chest area are also taken with dressing. If patients do not experience serious pain, the drains inserted with the surgery will also be removed.

Patients should not consume solid foods in the first 10 hours after surgery. This has a direct effect on the healing process. Also, liquid consumption is not recommended for patients. It should be noted that antibiotics that will be used for the first 10 days speed up the patient’s recovery process.

Another condition affecting the healing process is the application of cold compresses. For the first 3 or 4 days, the swelling and pain can be eliminated by applying compresses to the surgery area. The full recovery process is about 6 weeks for breast augmentation.


Will There Be Any Scars After Surgery?

One of the most sensitive issues for women after the procedure is whether or not there will be scars after breast augmentation. Of course, the incision will remain in the area for a certain period of time. However, it should be noted that no problems will be encountered when an incision is made from the armpit. In the same way, incisions to be removed from the belly region do not disrupt the aesthetic appearance of the patients.

It is also questioned whether the pain will occur after surgery. First of all, tension sensation may develop after the effect of anesthesia is eliminated. However, there is no serious pain. Short-term pain is relieved by prescription painkillers. The drains that the surgeon will use to remove the pressure in the chest area will help the patient relax.

After the aesthetic operation, care should be taken for the foods to be consumed in order not to experience pain. Already the first 10 hours of any consumption will not occur because of a serious problem with this issue. The antibiotic-supported post-procedure process will always be completed comfortably.


What Is Breast Augmentation?

– Is breast augmentation expensive?
– The most important factor affecting prices is the size of silicon to be used. The plastic surgeon will share the necessary information with you.

– Are breast silicones safe?
– Breast silicones are always safe. In cases of unwanted prosthetics eruption, pain, and similar processes, a doctor should be consulted.

– How long does breast augmentation take?
– This process takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. However, if the regions where the incision will be taken are different, the time may be extended.

– Is there a risk of edema after the procedure?
– There is a risk of edema after each plastic surgery. The edema that may occur in the first week will then go away spontaneously.

– Is breast augmentation painful?
– This procedure, which takes place under anesthesia, does not have any pain.

– Are the results of breast augmentation permanent?
– If patients follow a healthy diet, the results of the surgery are always permanent.

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